Efil of Ecaps

Efil of Ecaps

Book details:

A4 portrait when closed (297x420mm / 16.5 x 23.4 inches) when the cover is opened out A4 x 2 (297 x 840mm / 16.5 x 46 inches approximately), a paperback graphic short story of 4 pages, full color, printed by ExWhyZed.

A small print run of 20 signed copies (October 2017).

Story Outline

Front and back and fold out of Efil of Ecaps

Rosie Roach is a bossy annoying creature she wants everyone to hear about her extraordinary adventures. Her stories are so extraordinary that no one really believes her, except her dear old friend Malaise. But one day something terrible happens and we will discover whether or not Rosie was telling the truth after all…..

Cover with double  back fold out (29.7 x 84 cm/ 16.5 x 46 inches approximately)

Detail from page 1
Detail from page 2
Detail from page 3
Detail from page 4