From a Distance: The Woanderer  2021                                                    8 incomplete works made for Performance Drawing 2021                     at C4rd London.

Walking Drawing 2002

Walking Drawing 2002

Revisiting Richard Long and Hamish Fulton’s 1967 Art Walk from Central Saint Martins to Radlett, simultaneously walking and drawing.

Line Down Manhattan 2003 

Walking the length of Manhattan dragging a lump of raw chalk- walking a line on New Year’s Eve, drawing out the old year.

Drawing The Resolution (Lifesize deck plan of Cook’s ship on Margate Sands) 2006

Drawing The Resolution 2006

For Margate festival, an action intended to conjure a resolution for the immigrants held in Margate’s holding hotel.

Drawing your Desire 2006

Inspired by artist Christian Nold, drawing pedestrian trail’s through Chelsea quadrant with a lump of raw chalk.

Letter To Rachel        2006              

Responding to Rachel Lowe’s Letter to an Unknown person #5 (1998) in which she draws the passing landscape on the window of a moving car.

  Drawing The Retreat  2006

Redrawing the path called The Retreat, Peckham South London

Re-drawing a lane called The Retreat, which once led from Deptford Creek Road through an orchard to a nunnery. Long demolished the site was now ravaged by developers, the quixotic action hoped to lay a moment of calm to the place.

 Lost Borrowed and Found 2006

Children playing on The SS Great Britain Top Down Deck Plan in Southwark Park

For Southwark Council Architecture week 2006 – gypsum drawings on different parks, of buildings and ships connected to the Borough. Above is a life size deck plan of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s ship The SS Great Britain.

Rupert’s Flight 2006

Life size plan of a fighter Jet on a Peckham Street under the Heathrow flight path on the day of the death of the poet Rupert Brooke- & with the words of his poem The Soldier written around the wings.

A memorial for Rupert Brooke – drawn on the day of his death (April 23rd) on the street outside my house under the flight path to Heathrow. The words to his poem ‘If I should die think only this of me’, written round the wings of the plane.

House in Search of Belonging 2006- 2010

Building House by the trig point on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Inspired by 70’s New England (where I had seen people buy land clear the bush and build A frame homes) – and also artist Andre Cadere’s  Barres de Bois, I constructed a drawing of a house from sticks, into various sites significant to my life.

The Smallness of Being There  2006

Drawing a memory of The Benjamin Bowering in Spitsbergen, while walking through Greenwich Naval College.

For the Exhibition Trace at the Steven Lawrence Gallery Greenwich- remembering an expedition I took part in that sailed from The Arctic into Greenwich, conjuring and layering time and narrative through drawing and documentation.

C4RD November Song 2008

For an online residency at C4RD, a musical score constructed from daily drawings of sounds in my garden, and then interpreted into vocal sounds in a performance at C4RD.

Love a South London Driftsong  2008

Photo: A. Robinson.  Driftsinging words of Love along the South London Ley Line.                                                                                           (Words of love collected from the corner of Theobalds Rd and Southampton Row, Central London).                                                                                                                                                                A Driftsong along an easterly lay-line through South London, singing the word love in different languages, attempting a shamanistic calm along a troubled route.

Words of Love:  Penda (Swahili) Lifd (Dutch) Khoshmaye (Kurdish) Jacal (Somali) Charbliheh (Norwegian) Mina (Pashtu) Prem (Hindi) Habb (Egyptian) Szeretlek (Hungarian) Kaadhal (Tamil) Sayang (Malaysian) Fiker (Ethiopian) Dueces (Persian) Fikr (Amharic) Lek (Hungarian) Anbu (Tamil) Misuri (Swahili) Rakkaus (Finnish) Love (English) Aroha (Maori) Chikonde (Malawi) Ljubav (Croatian) Iubire (Romanian) Eu(Vietnamese) Ahava (Hebrew) Eguono (Yoruba) Esso (Spanish) Bagnala (Senegalese) Ask (Turkish) Caru (Welsh) Anpu (Lows) Adaraya (Senegalese) Obicham (Bulgarian) Sevgi (Uzbekistan) Ai (Japanese) Kwagaala (Luganda) Mehboob (Urdu) Sarang (Korean) Mara (Uganda) Hub (Arabic) Pyaaar (Punjabi) Cint (Malay) Ife (Yoruba) Mohabhat (Hindi) Kocham (Polish) Currla (South India) Ishiq (Hindi) Mhabba (Maltese) Houd (Dutch) Kaerlighed (Danish) Nakupedda (Swahili) Prem (Gujarati) Hub(Arabic) Dustarm (Persian) Agapi (Greek) Amor (Portuguese) Meile (Lithuanian) Amore (Spanish) Liefde (Afrikaans) Bhalobasha (Bengali) Ai (Mandarin) Afulaminyai (Igbo) Uthando (Ndebeli) Luck ( Thai) T umakhay (Indian) Liubov (Russian) Mahal (Philippine) Rudo (Shona) Nila (Czech) Liebe (German) L’amour (French)Karlek (Swedish) Hob (Arabic) Odo (Ghanaian) Gra (Irish) Bife (Mali) Koham (Polish) Alskar (Swedish) Ima (Ibibio) Mikvavxar (Georgian).

Lethaby Soundings 2008         

Vocal sound drawing in the Lethaby gallery responding to thermal imagery

Dissenters Driftsong 2009       


Multivoiced Driftsong vocally sounding in response to ambient noises heard through Bunhill Fields (the Dissenters Graveyard), where William Blake, Daniel Defoe John Bunyan and Susannah Wesley are buried.

Concordia Stairwell    2010    


Finding a standing vocal wave in Concordia Universities stairwell.

DISH   2010 

Vocally sounding in response to the mechanical sounds of Parks Radio Telescope as it moved to relocate its listening gaze.

Wave for Ned Kelly   2010     

Vocally locating and sounding a standing wave in Ned Kelly’s Cell in Melbourne Prison.

Whispering Song 2010     

Whispering with sound and image recording devices between two whispering Dishes at Narrobri Observatory NSW

Montreal Driftsong 2010  

Art and Cartography Workshop Concordia Montreal – participants clustering and Driftsinging.

Planet Earth Is Blue  2013    


A series of visual reinterpretations triggered by paradolia and inspired by images of earth taken by astronaut Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station.