Walking Drawing. (After Hamish Fulton and Richard Long) June 2004 M. Foá

On Feb 2nd 1967 Central Saint Martin's Vocational and Advanced Sculpture students Richard Long and Hamish Fulton, organised a Group walk from Charing Cross Road. Starting at 11.15am they invited their colleagues to walk to the country.
I wrote to Long and Fulton “Where did you go, what route did you take” ?
“we walked along the Roman road- Watling Street, North out of London until sunset” they told me. As a student at CSM I revisited Long and Fultons journey. Endeavouring to bridge the gap between Trace (primal method of mark making by hand onto surface) and Documentation (contemporary use of technology in time based media). I drew the walk while also filming the drawing of the walk. The documentation of the trace became a selection of serendipitous vignettes, and by tracing my own presence; I also traced the presence of others.

I left C.S.M at 11 am on June 17th 2004 and, exhausted, I reached the destination - (Radlett Station approx 20 miles distance), at 10pm that night. I determined not to do any more works in which endurance was so much of a factor.

Documentation: In a recent newspaper article entitled “the English disease”50, Gordon Burn considered the British tendency for nostalgia. The desire to cling to the familiar at the expense of the new. Documentation facilitates repeated revisits to the past, and my need to refer back may often be rose tinted; yet the act of revisiting also brings with it a means to clarify.

50 Gordon Burn, The English Disease, Guardian Arts review May 7th 2004 on Guardian unlimited, www.guardian.co.uk.