In 2007 I spent a month in rural Denmark as a resident at an international art foundation in a house by a lake. There I continued to explore vocal sound drawings through the outside space. From a boat on the lake and through the lakeside forest I drew vocalisations across water, and listened to echoes from water to shore and back again. I also experimented with mimic and echo, imitating the sounds of birds and human voices, rain and wind.
In Denmark I Driftsang through the forest, responding to the wind and the trees. On one occasion, while standing at the lake, I began mimicking the rhythm of the wind through the reeds. The breeze picked up and I measured my response to balance with the pace and flow of the gale. A dark cloud billowed over the water and soon a storm was in full rage, it began to rain hard. I continued sounding when a flash of lightening followed by a tremendous crack of thunder broke overhead. I almost believed I had conjured the storm by mimicking the rhythm of the wind and water.

Solyst Artist in resident centre Jyderup
As part of my residency I made a gypsum drawing of a life size deck plan of a Viking ship on the grass between Solyst house and lake. A primary school visit, had the children interacting with the marks on the grass, and I saw again how drawings affect place, and influence the behaviour of people in those places where they are made.
At the 1969 US Woodstock music festival the whole crowd joined in a mass rain chant ( accessed 19 May 2009) I have not witnessed a rain chant, and was not aware until this research that Rain Dancing / chanting is still practised in contemporary Romania and Slovakia. ( accessed 18 May 2009)