From 1981- 1983 the Transglobe Expedition travelled round the world via the Greenwich meridian. Ship, aeroplane and land teams came together for the finale, sailing up the Thames and disembarking at Grand Square (then part of the Naval College Greenwich). The journey from the Arctic to the Thames travelled through 24-hour daylight, south into night darkness and the North Sea. Through the same portholes that we had seen polar bears, explorers and glaciers, we then saw oil platforms, Southend and finally Greenwich.


An invitation to take part in the exhibition 'Trace' at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery reminded me of my experiences on the expedition and of disembarking at the Naval College, now the site of the gallery.


By walking through the Naval College grounds while drawing my memories into a sketchbook in front of a camera's recording eye, I conjured the arctic experience into Greenwich, and by layering the meaning and interpretation of place with my personal associations I also referenced performance artist Paul Smith's concept of Mythogeography.


Performance Collective Wrights and Sites launched their A Misguide to Anywhere at the ICA on April 8th 2006. The book is available from (Accessed 25 May 2006)