Artist Rachel Lowe in her work Letter to an unknown person number 5 in which she draws the landscape on the window of the car as the car drives through that landscape, explains ' the piece is fundamentally concerned with our need or desire to capture a particular moment in time, the impossibility of ever adequately doing so, and the resultant sense of loss.'
In response to Lowe's work, I made a drawing titled Letter to Rachel (2006).

Letter to Rachel 2006 M.Foá Letter to an unknown person 5 1998 Rachel Lowe


Evidence of Lowe's work exists now in still and moving images. Lowe in her work sat sideways to the oncoming landscape as it flashed past her from right to left, I sat facing into the landscape. My position was charged with a double movement - myself moving towards, and the landscape approaching me. As the road unfurled towards me offering the possibility of capture the heightened motion compounded the urgency to record. I drew what I saw while outlines of the road (describing perspective), structured the images into recognisable moments of a journey. I identify the drawings as near captures of the journey and also as souvenir evidence of the action and I also recognise the photographic documentation as a record revealing the process. In this instance the documentation is a key component of the work itself because it is the process of the drawing becoming and that drawing's near capture of the view that I intended to reveal.


Rachel Lowe, 'Letter to an unknown person Number 5,' 1998 in Out of Line Drawings from the Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery 2001 pp38-39