Old Boys' Tales (a Work in Two Parts)
Part One - Michael’s Italian


Wilson Grammar school was founded in 1615 by Edward Wilson vicar of the Parish of Camberwell – in 1975 it moved out of London and the building became part of Camberwell college of Arts- Amongst a number of notable Grammar school alumni are the aviator Sir Alan Cobham who made the first flight from the UK to Australia in a DH 50J and whose company now supplies Bombardier DH 200’s to Australia to patrol Australia’s frontiers against unwanted refugees, and the actor Michael Caine who has stared in numerous blockbuster films including the Italian Job and Zulu.

At The London Mini Centre, I drew around a replica Italian job mini and used the footprint as a template to made a temporary raw chalk drawing onto the car park area of the Wilson Road annex of Camberwell College of Art. I filled the car park with footprint drawings and drew one outline of a mini onto the wall around the car park.


In “A mis guide to anywhere” the performance collective; Wrights and Site’s book (launched at the ICA in April 2006), they observe that “where ever you are there are always different types of wormholes to other places”, hidden connections; political, historical, and personal. Old Boys Tales makes visible an otherwise hidden connection and in so doing temporarily changes and redefines the space.

launch for Wrights and Sites "MisGuide to Anywhere" ICA 2006)Available from http://www.mis-guide.com/ws.html (Accessed 25 May 2006)