Line Down Manhattan. Dec 31st 2003 (10am - 9pm approximately) M. Foá

'He will not have been present but he will have made a gift by not disappearing without leaving a trace. But leaving a trace is also to leave it to abandon it not to insist upon it in a sign.' Derrida from 'At this very moment in this work here I am' from 'Re reading Levinas'

Walking the old Native American route from the North East point of Manhattan Island (Broadway Bridge), approximately 15 miles down and along Broadway to the South Western Tip of Manhattan (Battery Park). Marking the trail, so as not to be lost without trace. Marking a trace, so as not to be lost without trail.

Two pieces of raw chalk (from Anstey quarry in Hertfordshire), each one approximately the size of a house brick, drilled with a hole and threaded through with a piece of rope for pulling.

Brick one: from Broadway bridge to West 92nd.
Brick two: from West 92nd to Battery Park


J. Derrida, 'At this very moment in this work here I am' in Re-reading Levinas, trans R. Berezdivin, eds. R. Bernasconi & S.Critchley, USA: Indiana University Press, 1991, p.37.