Drawing your Desire November 24th 2005 M.Foá
After Vito Acconci Sophie Calle and Richard Long

A performance Drawing, using Raw English chalk on the Chelsea Milbank Quadrant.
Following walkers / commuters /students / tourists / passers-by as they cross the Chelsea College of Art (UAL), Quadrant from one point to another. The Quadrant being a paved area retains no trace of passage and so my action temporarily reveals the tracks of passers by, and gradually over a period of a few hours shows the pathways that are most Desired.
Desire Lines: Tracks formed from peoples footsteps across grassy areas in urban and countryside locations, have become known as “Desire Lines”. They denote the direction of passage preferred over the paved (designed and imposed upon location and inhabitants) pathway.
In Vito Acconcis’ Following Piece his idea was to select a person from the passers-by and to follow the person until he or she disappeared into a private place where Acconci could not enter. While Sophie Calle in her 1980 work Suite Vénitienne followed a man from Paris to Venice and surreptitiously photographed him for almost two weeks. Richard Long in his 1967 work 'A Line Made by Walking' paced back and forth repeatedly over the same ground, thereby leaving the trampled grass like a worn sheep track revealing his journey.

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