I made a series of drawings that layered the fleeting glimpses of landscape from the carriage window. Thrilled by the struggle to keep up with the swift vista and excited by anticipation at the unpredictable results, the continued movement through the landscape activated
my viewpoint into a tantalising frame that slowly revealed the approach and then seamlessly rolling one view into another vanished the departing vista. As in Walking Drawing the continual motion of the train affected instinctive marking in response to the lie of the land. Marks became overlaid into a mesh of fragmented rememberings: shapes from buildings, lines of hedges, the curve of hills, and the direction of trees.
These things were recorded briefly in a few lines. As there was no visual pause to dwell on detail, the process was explorative and led by the vista rather than wholly dictated by my choice and skill. There were however areas of constancy within my view– the railway tracks to the bottom left of my frame and the sky to the top - these sandwiched the flying vista and themselves moved in a gentle wave echoing the rhythm of the train. After around one and a half hours the drawings had become a thick mesh of crossing lines and marks, I could no longer follow a line without getting lost, and that decided my completing one and beginning a new image. View for the train had no affect on the environment, although my changing viewpoint affected its image into a repeating Doppler slip, and that Doppler slipping motion in the environment affected both the drawings and myself.