Bound for a far land (from N51:29:33 W0:07:40 to 29°02S 167°57E)
for FADE exhibition June 13th 2006 M. Foá

Chelsea college building is the old Queen Alexandra Hospital of the Royal army military army corps, built on the site where Millbank Penitentiary once stood (from 1816-1903)
In 1846 the penitentiary became the depot for transportation of convicts to Australia.
During a period of ten years 44 ships filled with convicts sailed from London to
Van Diemens’s land (Tasmania), Port Phillip (Melbourne) and Norfolk Islands.
In a small side courtyard on Atterbury Street; stands a stone buttress once used to moor the barges which brought convicts to the prison, and the ships which transported them to the colonies. Across Millbank close to the river is another with a plaque stating 'this buttress stood at the head of the river steps from which, until 1867 prisoners sentenced to transportation embarked on their journey to Australia'
Bound for a Far Land - Norfolk Island details - responds to events in the past history of the Millbank site, a history that also echoes the present day policies of immigration and transportation.