Electromagnetic signals pass through a place from one space to another, these signals can be interpreted as invisible drawings which, as they run through the outside space, affect both the space and the people within that space, and are themselves also impacted on by the space they travel through.
I met Dr de Silva at the advisory charity Sense about Science. Dr de Silva explained the electromagnetic spectrum and qualified that radio, is currently the only electromagnetic signal that can be revealed with transistors as it travels through place.


Thoughts During the process: after a meeting Dr de Silva
the hiss on a dead TV. Channel is the sound of the big bang
still coming towards us - all electromagnetic waves move at
300.000 kilometers per second, light takes 8 minutes to
reach the earth from the sun - so we are seeing through
8-minute-old light- absolute Zero is minus 273Celcius
- anything above minus 273 has life anything below minus 273
does not have life, E= MC2 partly means that matter can
become energy and energy can become matter - high
frequencies are dangerous and low frequencies are not
- there is an Electromagnetic Spectrum- the highest
amplitude wave lengths being Gamma (these come from dying
stars that burst into billions of pieces as they give up
their last energy) the lowest wave length being radio,
neither of which can be seen with the eye nor evidenced
with a scanner - although it would be possible to track a
radio wave by walking through a place holding a transistor
radio and trying to tune into a frequency…………


E. deSouza. Sense about Science charitable trust.

http://www.senseaboutscience.org.uk/index.php/site/about/6/ (accessed 11 Feb 2008)
de Souza informed me that sound is the lowest wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum