"Hearing sounds which are just sounds immediately sets the theorizing mind to theorizing, and the emotions of human beings are continually aroused by encounters with nature—"
-John Cage, "Experimental Music" 1958 in Silence p10.


During November 2008 I made daily drawings recording in marks layered onto different papers, ambient sounds in my garden. These drawings became multiple sound scores and were then displayed together for one evening in December at the C4RD. At this display I performed the drawings translating them back into sounds.


A musical score, made to notate sounds to be read and repeated, could be interpreted as a drawing. If a score can be a drawing then it follows that a drawing could be a score. Notated scores contain elements of individual interpretation in their reading, however a drawing because it is not contained by the structure of a stave might be imbued with a broader range of individual interpretation.